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Circulatory System

circulatory system hearth vein artery Contents:

The main roll of the circulatory system is to carry oxygen to the cell and carbon dioxide away. In addition, the circulatory system provides, water, nutrients, hormonal signals, and carries away waste.

The circulatory system is so essential to the design of the human body that every cell is no further than 3 cell-lengths away from a blood vessel. This is because each cell interacts with the circulatory system millions of times a day.

If the cardiovascular system fails to work, the consequences are rapid. Within just one minute, brain cells begin to die without a proper supply of oxygen.

Organs of the Circulatory System

Each of the following is a link to a detailed description of each organ.










Maintaining a Healthy Circulatory System

Circulatory System


Diseases of the Circulatory System



Interactions with Organ Systems



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